Monday, July 24, 2006

July 22, 2006 - An Octopus Ride
Shize? I should shee! Macool, Macool, orra whyi deed ye diie? of a trying thirstay mournin? Sobs they sighdid at Fillagain's chrissormiss wake, all the hoolivans of the nation, prostrated in their consternation and their duodisimally profusive plethora of ululation. There was plumbs and grumes and cheriffs and citherers and raiders and cinemen too. And the all gianed in with the shout-most shoviality. Agog and magog and the round of them agrog. To the continuation of that celebration until Hanandhunigan's extermination! Some in kinkin corass, more, kankan keening. Belling him up and filling him down. He's stiff but he's steady is Priam Olim ! 'Twas he was the dacent gaylabouring youth. Sharpen his pillowscone, tap up his bier! E'erawhere in this whorl would ye hear sich a din again? With their deepbrow fundigs and the dusty fidelios. They laid him brawdawn alanglast bed. With a bockalips of finisky fore his feet. And a barrowload of guenesis hoer his head. Tee the tootal of the fluid hang the twoddle of the fuddled, O ! *

We played lots of Syd Barrett on the Free Kick show this week. You can check my last post for background on that subject.

The playlist is here. If you want to download the show, you can use these links:

link expired!

You can also stream the show from the CKUT archives page. It started just after 21:03 and ended just before 23:02.

Soon I'll be off to the Isle of Y'Hup for a much needed holiday. Shawn will be at the controls for the next show on August 5. Lend him your ears!



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