Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 8, 2006 - Unbridled Freekickery
First things first. When I got to work this morning and quickly checked the headlines as usual, I learned the very sad news that Syd Barrett died last Friday, either from cancer or from complications of diabetes. I hereby join a legion of others in lamenting the loss of this fantastic songwriter and musician who played a huge role in transforming the sound of pop music, and offer up, as a reminder of what he left us, a video of a live performance with the band he co-founded:

Flaming (33 MB) - sorry, removed!

Nuff said. I hope he rests in peace.

Now onto Free Kick business: the playlist for the last show is here. You missed it, didn't you? I know you were out enjoying some of the sublime summer perfection of that Saturday night, you devils, and who can blame you? - so just download the show and listen to it now via these links:

- sorry, link expired!

There's plenty of dancehall & rock steady, Egyptian, Bollywood, Ethiopian, Brazilian and other great sounds to keep you in comfort, so don't hesitate! If you want to stream the show go to the CKUT archives page and get the show from Saturday July 8, starting from about 21:04 & going up to around 23:02.

Next show is July 22, so until then, dear listeners, over & out.



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