Tuesday, March 03, 2009

February 28, 2009 - Freekick Feels It
"The KK (Knowing that one Knows) Principle
In its simplest form, the KK principle says that, for any proposition p, if one knows that p, then one knows that one knows it. More complex formulations say that if one knows that p, then one is in a position to know that one knows it, and this is fleshed out in a variety of ways. One reason why philosophers are interested in the KK principle is its relevance to the question of whether epistemic logic is a branch of modal logic. An important issue in modal logic is whether necessary truths are necessarily necessary; the corresponding issue in modal epistemic logic is whether the KK principle holds. Another reason for interest in the principle is its relevance to the debate between internalists and externalists about knowledge. It is natural for internalists to endorse something like the KK principle, and for externalists to reject it. A third reason for interest in the KK principle is its connection to the paradox of the Surprise Examination. The reasoning which generates this paradox seems to assume that certain kinds of knowledge can be repeatedly iterated, and hence that something like the KK principle holds. A final reason for studying the principle is its relevance to recent debates about the luminosity of mental states (where a mental state is luminous iff, roughly, one cannot be in that state without being in a position to know that one is in it). If the KK principle holds, then knowledge is a luminous mental state; but there are powerful arguments against the luminosity of other mental states which seem to show that this cannot be the case."

But did you hear the Free Kick show this week:
Genius/GZA, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Death, Spirit of Israel & the Soul Messengers, Sugar Minott, Mossman, Caetano Veloso, Lillian Allen, Rita Marley, Rick James, The Pinker Tones, Mexican Institute of Sound, Deerhoof, Plastic People of the Universe, White Noise, Exhaust, Bernard Bonnier, The Beatles, Leadbelly, Al Jolson, The Dead Kennedys, DOA, Husker Du, X, White Noise Ensemble, Basil Kirchner

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