Wednesday, September 03, 2008

August 30, 2008 - Freekick de la rentrée

Science - 1881
Mrs. Green talked as she sat listening to a free pipe-organ recital in the lobby ... There wouldn't be any wives made into sausage if people were a little ... The structure of the female organs in our Caracas species agrees pretty well ... is inversely proportional to the length of the pipe,' &c According to this, ... The interior theme is music, featured throughout public rooms but most ... atrium is a towering pipe organ that has mechanical figures of dancing musicians ... Soon after this pipe business, "came to Rome the already celebrated writer and poet,... cheese, dried sausage and such like cold meats, to which beer, ...

Have you heard last week's show yet? Check out what was played: Cheech & Chong, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Linton Kwesi Johnson, DOA, Sarolta Zalatnay, Mutantes, Bole 2 Harlem, The Souljazz Orchestra, Mecolodiacs, Kids Eat Crayons, King Khan and The Shrines, Palace Music, La Bolduc, Chango, The Unsettlers, Baby Dee, Jeffrey Lewis, The Sacramentos, Vince Tinguely, GG Allin and the Jabbers, Moondog & the London Saxophonic, The Fugs, David Peel & The Lower East Side, John Lennon, Lou Reed, and Fortin-Léveillé.

欢迎蒙特利尔!收听此电台的节目!这将使你感觉很好。Get it now!
Next Free Kick is September 13 from around 9 to 11 PM eastern on CKUT 90.3 fm, and Shawn is taking a breather, so Dave gets to let loose with a righteous blast of sound that will not fail to move even the laziest of toes.

Don't forget about the Freekick Video Lounge, always open for your viewing pleasure.

One more brain nugget to chew on:


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