Monday, May 26, 2008

May 24, 2008 - A Free Kick in the Pants, Franz!

Dave was away, so I tore it up solo for this ringer. I had a spanking good time! Lot's of treats in this episode but don't ever feel guilty for indulging your sweet tooth!

Tonight's lineup featured Snap vs Motivo,Rahsaan Roland Kirk,Arnaldo Antunes,DJ Dolores,The B-52s,Rita Lee & Mutantes,Arrigo Barnabé,Patife Band,Los Hermanos,Nouvelle Vague,Slim & Slam,De Ford Bailey,The Unsettlers,Jeffrey Lewis,DOA,Acid Mothers Gong,Kids Eat Crayons,Mr. Bungle,Alamaailman Vasarat,Conlon Nancarrow,Continuum,Holy Fuck,Nudge,Tom Waits,and Van der Graaf Generator.

The show in mp3 form:

  • 64 kbps (55 MB)

    Or, you can stream the show from the CKUT archives page: ask for Sat May 24 from 21:04 to 23:02.

    Next show: Sat May 24 from 9 - 11 eastern on CKUT 90.3 fm.

    And more treats from the Freekick Video Lounge!

  • SNAP! VS MOTIVO - The Power of Bhangra
  • Patife Band e Arrigo Barnabé in 2008
  • Slim and Slam
  • Bad Uncle - Pretty Lady - Bad Uncle are : Santosh Lalonde & D'Arcy Nichol of The Unsettlers
  • Alamaailman Vasarat - Jää, Hyvä Mieli

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