Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey folks, it's CKUT funding drive time again and Freekick is doing it's part. We're hosting our 2008 edition on Saturday, April 26, and there are over 1700 gifts for you to choose from! Take a look and see. You can choose from every possible kind of music. That's what we do every week. Dave and I volunteer our time to do Freekick because we love bringing the sound of music to our listeners. We're hoping that you'll help all of us at CKUT to continue bringing you quality programming in the future.

You may not know that CKUT is a campus-community radio station that is only partially funded by McGill University's students. The support of listeners is becoming increasingly important in these times of rising education costs and decreasing funding for students and institutions.

It costs $50 an hour to run the station. Of course, we will accept any donation; a donation of $25 will get you a CD as a gift. But for a donation of $50 or more, not only do you help support independent radio, you also get to choose gifts equal in value to your donation. You are also entered into the lucrative prize draws. If you pay before the end of the month, you are also eligible to win a special draw of promo CD mailouts, concert tickets, or festival passes from some of Montreal's top promoters and labels.


If that wasn't enough to convince you, consider CKUT's list of the ten best reason's to donate.

The variety of programming at CKUT is truly astonishing too. How could you not support it? Someone once compared CKUT to a TV station, where you needed to know the times of the programs you wanted to watch. Freekick, for instance, only airs bi-weekly on Saturday nights from 9-11. The beauty of our connected universe, is that you can now subscribe to your favorite programs on the net. Here is a selection of CKUT music shows that we here at Freekick think rule CKUT's waves. Listen in to some of them, we think you'll be convinced too.

Roots Rock Reggae 1-4 am
Latin Music Mondays / Made in Brazil 9-11 am
World Skip the Beat 12-2 pm
New Shit 3-5 pm
Drastic Plastic 10-11 pm

Victorious and Invincible 12-2 pm
Harvey Christ/ESL 11-12 pm

Where's the Beat 9-11 am
Jazz Euphorium 8-10 pm
Roots Rock Rebel 10-12 pm

Folk Directions 9-11 am
Venus 12-2 pm
Positive Vibes 3-5 pm
Grey Matters 7-8 pm

Pure Pop For Twisted People 1-4 am
Jazz Amuck 9-11 am


We Funk
12-2 am
Adventures in Music 6-7 am
Funky Revolutions 2-4 pm
Masters at Work 7-9 pm
Skewing the Waves 11-12 pm

Stereo Phobic 12-2 am
The Hearing Trumpet 1-2 pm
The Goods 2-4 pm
Modular Systems 4-5 pm
Bhum Bhum Time 5-6 pm
Bollywood Dhamaka
6-7 pm


Our thanks to you our listeners for all of your support!


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