Monday, March 19, 2007

March 17, 2007 - Let's Call the Whole Thing On
Hey there folks, I'm happy to report that the St. Patrick's Day edition of the Free Kick was carried off without serious incident. Not without seriously entertaining musical content though, as you will see from the playlist.

If you want to download the show and experience the tomfoolery all over again, you can use this link:
You can also stream the show by going to the CKUT archives page and asking for Saturday March 17 from precisely 21:03 to 23:01.

Since we had a guest in studio who is soon to be headed for Indonesia, I played some music from Bali performed by a Gamelan Semar Pegulingan ensemble (using instruments similar to those pictured above). You say you want to learn some more about gamelan? Here, check some of these web links:
And of course, there are overwhelming numbers of videos on youtube, for example:
That's it for now! Catch you next time, Saturday March 31 from 9-11 pm on CKUT 90.3 fm.



At 11:38 pm, Blogger macaulay said...

hey dave,
good to see some st patricks day drinking songs. take care,


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