Thursday, November 02, 2006

October 28, 2006 - Larks' Tongues in Freekick
Hey folks, did you hear about the show at La Tulipe on Halloween? Many agree that Deerhoof (pictured to the right) were great, and that the Fiery Furnaces fell completely flat.

Hey, this is coming from a fan of the band (at least of their recorded output). The problem with the Fiery Furnaces set was not Eleanor Friedberger's voice problems, about which she was endearingly apologetic. What prompted many of us to head for the exits were the bombastic arrangements - probably the cause of her hoarseness in the first place. It's fine to refuse to simply reproduce the sound of your recorded cuts on stage, but Matt F. should realize that his lyrics are a big part of the group's appeal, so if us fans can't make them out through baffling, ponderous full-on organ-guitar-percussion riffing, we are unlikely to stick around.

OK, enough of that. Deerhoof were fantastic! What a great time! Did you know they have posted an "EP" of covers and live cuts on their website in mp3 format? Check it out. And here is some video:

I played cuts from both groups on last weekend's Free Kick show, along with a great big bag of other music in a tag team format with co-host Shawn. The playlist is here. You can use the following links to download the show in mp3 format:

link expired!

If you want to stream the show, go to the CKUT archives page and get the show from Saturday October 28, starting at 21:04 and ending at 23:01.

That's it for now. Check Free Kick again on CKUT 90.3 fm on Saturday night, November 11 from 9-11 pm eastern, when Shawn will be running the show!

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